Bronde, Bobs & Lobs Win the 2016 Grammy Hair Awards

Bronde is big! While no actual awards were given for great hair at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, music’s biggest night with nonetheless celebrated with a pageantry of song, style and as always, fabulous hair. Did you spot the trends — especially lobs, bobs and the wildly popular Bronde?

This year’s Grammy Awards, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, were ruled by fresh cuts and chameleon color, many as easy to wear by the woman on the street as by the beauties on the red carpet. Ready to take a cue?



Taylor Swift, winner of this year’s Grammy Award for Album of the Year for 1998, chose a shorter bob that beautifully showcased her features. Adele, Carrie Underwood and Ellie Goulding all graced the event with very wearable and slightly longer lob cuts, each adding softness around their faces and complimenting the lines of their more draped gowns.

Move over ombre, make way for Bronde! All the stars in the lineup above prove how flattering this year’s Bronde, a rich fusion between brown and blonde can be. The almost universally flattering color technique proves that you don’t need to choose between the two colors. Pairing the rich depth of darker tones with amazing blonde hues provides a sun-kissed Bronde result that’s a friend to most everyone.

Especially as we move toward the summer months of 2016, these cuts and this hair color will find new fans as we in the beauty industry work behind the chair. Get ready for a new wave of clients asking, “Can you make my hair look like this?” And, as always, we aim to please.


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